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*Please note: No horses were harmed during this Photoshop Elements experiment. Please try this at home!

How To Create Art from Your Photos

Thank you for visiting my site! I've had so many people ask me how I create my artwork, which I call Fantasy Fusion Photography, that I decided to write up tutorials and make them available to anyone who would like to create art from their photos.

About the eBooks

With my ebooks, you can learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements to turn your photos into fine art. I will outline some really simple, but effective, techniques. It won't be long before you're creating stunning works of art out of your own photography.

I work exclusively in Adobe Photoshop Elements, however the concepts can be applied with Adobe Photoshop. Elements is a relatively inexpensive, but extremely powerful, photo editing software.

eBook 1 gives simple and basic instruction on layer and cut outs, replacing backgrounds, creating a winter scene, making a softer dreamier image, creating your own silhouettes and more! Find out more.

eBook 2 assumes you have mastered the techniques in Book 1. It builds on these techniques by showing you how to create custom composites, put together stunning backgrounds for silhouettes, create custom portraits, use white on white effect and more! Find out more.

eBook 3 will show some new ideas for expanding your creative work. It goes into playing with textures, adding wings, creating a shiny table effect, using black drama and more! Find out more.

And more! For example, these ebook tutorials will show you how to take a basic picture like the photo below on the left and turn it into artwork like the picture below on the right.

Picture Before and After Photo Elements

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How to Order the eBook(s)

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“Despite the fact that I have been a professional photographer for more than half of my life, Stephanie Laird's Artistic Elements Books 1 and 2 were full of helpful tips that I could easily apply to Photoshop. Her techniques brought me outside the straight technical and into the construction of aesthetics via separate image components. Stephanie's techniques will unleash any creative mind and permit the production of images limited only by one's imagination. I highly recommend these e-books to anyone who may be bored with the status quo.”
-- Robert Cohen, Media Specialist / Digital Artist

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Learn One Technique from Stephanie's Book

More Before and After Pictures

Picture Before and After Photo Elements Picture Before and After Photo Elements Picture Before and After Photo Elements